Use a Borescope to Inspect an Automobile

The automotive mechanic industry is constantly looking for ways to improve quality and keep costs to a minimum. One of the methods used for this is the automotive borescope. The automotive borescope is an instrument used to view images close up that are located in areas of an automobile that are hard to reach. Automotive borescopes are available in two types: rigid and flexible.

Rigid Automotive Borescopes

The rigid automotive borescope is comprised of a tube with a lens on one end and an eyepiece on the other. The rigid automotive borescope is a series of glass lenses and rods that relay the image up to the viewing eyepiece where it is magnified. The rigid is the most commonly used automotive borescope for a few reasons.

Since rigid automotive borescopes use glass lenses and rods instead of fiber optics like a flexible borescope has; the image is clearer. The rigid automotive borescope also tends to be less expensive. However a rigid borescope will not provide the versatility of a flexible automotive borescope.

Flexible Automotive Borescope

A flexible automotive borescope allows a mechanic to maneuver around obstacles and corners that can hinder viewing an object. Instead of having lenses in a solid tube; the flexible automotive borescope has fiber optic bundles going through a rubber tube to deliver the image. The tip can be articulated up, down and sometimes left to right with a four way scope.

How a Mechanic Utilizes an Automotive Borescope

The automotive borescope allows a mechanic to visualize internal engine parts such as cylinders, fuel injectors, manifolds, the underside of the engine and the transmission to name a few. Any hard to reach area of the engine can be viewed with an automotive borescope without needing to dismantle the engine and its surrounding components. Tearing an engine apart to find the source of a problem can be a significant expense to the car owner.

The mechanic is able to diagnose engine problems much more quickly; saving valuable time (labor cost) and money. It is much easier to know a problem exists before work begins instead of using a trial and error method until you find the problem. Your mechanic may be able to find issues that lead to major problems before they ever occur.

Accessories for the automotive borescope offer even further assistance to a mechanic. Some of the various types of accessories available include: cameras and adapter, additional lighting to illuminate dark areas for optimal viewing and special computer software to connect an automotive borescope to a computer.
A mechanic can document his inspections and work to give customers proof that a repair need existed and the repair is done correctly.

Automotive borescopes are also available in a portable version that has a rechargeable battery pack. If you would happen to break down on the road, a mechanic could come to you and diagnose the problem. You could even purchase your own borescope and keep it in the DIY duffle in your trunk.

Automotive borescopes are useful instruments that save time and money due to the early and accurate diagnosis of engine problems without requiring major destructive tear downs. You may want to have a mechanic use an automotive borescope to evaluate your car the next time it needs serviced.