The Many Applications of Laser Range Finders

laser range fider

laser range fider

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Recreating the world in stone or paper has been an art in itself for many centuries. But in today’s world with the advent of computers and different kinds of color and range sensors, creating accurate visualisation of the world is a major area of interest. However understanding the visual appearance to the point of being able to build 3D models is a daunting task because ultimately what is perceived is the result of complex interaction between light, object geometry, surface reflectance and sensor response.

A 3D scanner is a device that analyses a real world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The collected data can then be used to construct digital 3D models.

3D modelling is used in various industries like films, animation, gaming, interior designing and architecture. It is also used in the medical industry in interactive representation of anatomy. Digital representation  of mechanical models are also constructed before they are actually manufactured. It also finds use in media and event industry for stage design.

Laser range finders are used extensively in 3D object recognition, 3D object modelling and a wide variety of computer vision related fields. They are also used to incrementally build 3D panoramas. For this the system’s orientation is tracked and sparse range data acquired as the user looks around in conjunction with real time image processing to construct geometry around user’s position.

High precision scanning ability, technical sophistication,delivery of fast and precise results are the qualities of a laser range finder. They offer a variety of other applications also-

  • Defense technology- for observation and distance measurement
  • Border Protection-for identification and distance measurement.
  • Manufacture of sensor platforms and weapon optronics- used in sensor system for aircrafts and drones, remote controlled defence systems, fire control systems, military ground vehicle and ships.
  • Manufacture of sights- used to supplement or upgrade telescopic sights and weapon mounted systems.
  • Manufacture of observation devices- integrated into hand held observation systems.

Most of the best rangefinders can measure distances of up to 1 mile i.e. around 1.61km. It measures distance by timing the interval between transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves. It has largely replaced the radar in certain military applications.